Just in From Pastor Itu Wiltshire

Itu is part of our MCA family and he is loved dearly by our congregation. Following is an excerpt from an email I received from him today. Enjoy!

I am still in Wyndham with my grandparents, Ps Jack & Alumeci. My grandparents are doing great and I’m happy that they’ve celebrated their 50 years anniversary. At the moment I’m working at the hospital as a trainee clerical officer. I’m doing a traineeship at the hospital and helping my grandparents in ministry after work hours. So it’s been pretty busy.

Last August Ps Max Wiltshire(dad) gave some good advice to hold ‘sing-a-long’ meetings at people’s homes. Every week from Monday’s to Friday’s we go to people’s homes, gather around with a guitar and sing, preach a short message and have a cuppa tea afterwards.

We praise God these sing-a-longs have begun get the unsaved people’s attention. We usually have people from next-door, people inside their homes and even drunkards from a hearing distance joining the sing-a-longs. The reason why we started having sing-a-long fellowships because the people found it hard coming to church. We understood that it was a big gap in many ways to bring them. So instead we bridge the gap by bringing ‘church’ to them so we can build relationships with the people and that they may feel comfortable to come to church.

We praise God for what He is doing in Wyndham. The church has increased and new souls have been baptized. And we believe the Lord will continue to help us win more people to the Lord.I thank God for the things that He has done in my life and how He has continued to use me and my family for His will.

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