Knowing Christ

Steve PavekSteve Pavek, the Director of the University of Alaska, Anchorage Chi Alpha ministry, presented the following teaching, “Who is Your King?”  Steve’s insights are super helpful for those who say:

  • I am brand new at this Jesus deal.  What is it all about?
  • I have been following Jesus for a season, but I need to be reminded of the bull’s eye, because I am easily distracted.
  • As a mature follower of Jesus, I need to revisit the Apostle Paul’s heart for God when he said, “That I may know Him!”

Steve teaches us that knowing Christ isn’t just “my brain knows Him” thing but “I know Him as Friend and He knows me.”

Enjoy Steve’s message notes.

Who Is Your King?

  • Short Intro – – Quick Chi Alpha update
  • How many people have ever had a boss that they didn’t get a long with?
  • Tough spot: we feel like

History of Caesar’s rule over the Jews:

  • Israel was the long time God’s chosen people
  • Just coming off a long period of being exiled and subject to rule by other nations
  • 63 BC Romans took control of Jerusalem and surrounding lands
  • Herod placed as king of the Jews
    • Changed the look of the temple – – Imposed specific sacrifices
    • Started different building projects – – All at the expense of the people
  • paying a high tax to the empire – Paying required offerings to the temple and priesthood
  • Many people did not have enough margin, went into debt, lost property
  • Times were tough
  • You were God’s chosen people and others were your earthly Lords
    • Identity Crisis

John 19:1-16

The Pharisees choice:

  • Their could-be spiritual king was standing before them
  • A man who came to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords
  • The man they had been waiting for, for centuries
  • And they MISSED IT!
  • A man of holiness and righteousness
  • They couldn’t wrap their brains around him or put him in a box
  • Made them uncomfortable
  • So they killed him
  • And on the day of his death they said that the oppression of Caesar was better

Our choice:

  • We have the tendency to do the same thing
  • Jesus died for our sins and yet we have a hard time accepting him
  • Sometimes with think we can take a little of jesus here or there
  • Theres no such thing as a half king
  • We either have Jesus as king and Lord of our lives or we have this world
    • Slaves to sin or we are slaves to the freedom in Christ

Who do we want our King to be? – – – Lets examine our choices:

We must examine our lives and perspectives in 4 areas:

  • Taxes vs. Tax-Exempt
    1. How many here would like a tax-exempt status for life?
    2. Jews were under oppressive tax
      1. Thought the messiah was going to save them from rule
      2. Messiah saving them from something more important than that
    3. Romans 6:23
    4. Sin has a cost
      1. All have sinned and fallen short
      2. Both spiritual and situational
    5. Jesus has freedom from that
    6. That freedom requires our total acceptance of him and that’s it!
    7. It is for freedom that Christ has set you free!!!!
    8. Don’t be a slave any longer
  • Alien vs. Citizen
    1. The Jews were having an identity crisis
      1. Where did they belong
      2. Who do they belong to?
    2. There is power in citizenship
    3. With Christ we become citizens of heaven
    4. Not just any citizen
      1. Romans 8:17
    5. Do we truly understand the magnitude of that statement?
    6. To claim Lordship in anything else is a huge sacrifice!
  • Un-relatable vs. Relatable
    1. Caesar Augustus and Herod cared very little about the Jews
    2. No one really knew their leadership
    3. We have a different type of king
    4. Heb 4:15
    5. One that was humble and experienced everything
    6. John 15:13
      1. Jesus, our King, is your friend and wants to be your friend!
      2. No politician can promise you that!!!
    7. He knows what you are going through
  • Obligation vs. Obedience
    1. Jews were obligated to serve Rome
    2. Given a king who was full of grace and mercy
    3. Phil 2:8
    4. Lordship of Christ is not about obligation
    5. The difference between obligation and obedience is all in how we view the person we are serving
    6. Understand the why!
    7. God is worthy of our obedience!
    8. His thoughts are higher than mine!
      1. God I desire your thoughts!
    9. #1 thing I hear is that it’s a set of rules
      1. no! it’s a guide to freedom!


  • Do you want to accept Jesus as your King – Lord and savior?
  • Is there an area of your life that you need to surrender to the kingship of Jesus