Learner to Instuctor Ratio

Been giving some thought to andragogy (the art and science of helping adults learn). Most of my local church experience has followed the principles of pedagogy (the art and science of helping children learn). Fortunately, I am discovering that adults tend to learn differently than children. Add to the mix various styles of learning and you discover a semi-complicated learning universe.

In formal education the student to teacher ratio is very important. No one, for example wants their fourth grade student in a mathematics class with a student to teacher ration of 1 teacher to 85 students. Absurd. Crazy. No thank you. See you later. Not paying for that.

Why then is the local church fascinated and enthralled with the common experience of one “teacher” to thousands of learners? Every weekend, across America, we defy the notion that the student to teacher ratio is vital for adults to learn well.

Our cultural fascination with huge stadium events dictates to us the “best” way to accomplish weekend services. (Ten star basketball athletes to 15,000 screaming fans and/or 22 football players to 103,000 fans at the Rose Bowl).

Being God and All, I suppose that Jesus was the Greatest Teacher. His preferred ratio? One Jesus to twelve learners.

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