Lessons from the Sports World

Hold on to your hats! Maybe the sports segment of US culture is setting a positive example for the millions of raving fans.

Exhibit A? Lou Piniella. Lou Piniella? The fiery, angry, sometimes foul, always gruff, umpire chasing, home plate dirtying, hat throwing Lou? Yes. Today, the world champion and three time coach of the year retired.

Why is a retirement a good example? “Although I fully intended to coach this club through the rest of the season, a home situation requires my attention.” Lou’s mother’s health is ailing and he left baseball to be by her side.

Exhibit B? Congress.

Although we don’t have any clue who is telling the truth about the steroid scandal in baseball, congress is suddenly interested in baseball players telling the truth. Who is telling the truth Barry Bonds? Roger Clemens? Convicted roid dealers? I don’t know. However, Congress is sending the signal, “We have zero tolerance for baseball players lying under oath.”

Telling the truth matters.

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