LIFE Group Notes for Pastor Edgardo’s January 29th Message


Connecting with One Another

1. What is your favorite Hispanic or Latino food?
2. What is your favorite component of Hispanic culture? Why?

Digging Deeper into the Weekend Message

1. Pastor Edgardo presented the message, “Today is the Day for Good News.” How important is expectation, hope, and declaring God’s favor upon your life?” Proverbs 23:7
2. “When you are sleeping, God is still working.” How easy or difficult is it for you to trust that God is at work without fail? Lamentations 3:22-24
3. The text Pastor Edgardo illuminated brought special emphasis upon taking great food to all of those who do not have great food. The special point was for us to take the Spiritual food of Jesus to those who do not yet have Him. How can we best take this food to the nations?
4. Read Proverbs 25:25. In what way are you bringing “cold water to weary souls?”
5. As Pastor Edgardo and Miriam are experiencing huge change for the call of God, is there a change God intends for you?


1. Remember our 21 days of prayer, fasting, and personal devotion.
2. Remember our 6 AM, Noon, 6 PM, and Mid-night prayer times.

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