Listen and Obey

Dr. Roy Abraham is a fantastic friend that God allowed me to come to know. Roy is a Pharmacist and his bride, Juliana, is a Dentist and both are in crazy love with Jesus. Raised in India and now living in the Netherlands, Roy and Juliana have been exceptionally kind to me over the past several years.

Roy had a heroic experience a few months ago. He was walking and praying. Urgently the prompting of the Spirit was for him to turn around and walk in the opposite direction. Listening and obeying, he changed the course of his walk. Almost immediately he came upon a man drowning. The man was mobility restricted and had fallen off of his wheelchair like device, off of the bridge, and into the water. Surely, death was imminent.

God guided Roy to the perfect place, at the perfect time, to do a perfect work.

This Lenten season it is good to do a “Listening and Obeying Audit.”

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