Local Evangelist and MCA Brother Creates New Web Site

He asked me to wait until the site is a bit more developed, but I have a problem my brother……… it is too good to wait any longer. The awesome, incredible, soul redeeming, spirit healing , God pleasing web site WWW.JESUS907.org is now online and ministering 24/7/365.

I don’t know if I am supposed to give the name of the global evangelist who has created this master piece. So, I’ll just make a few slight hints. He was a missionary in Japan, has ministered in a large number of countries, loves to do street evangelism, has two marvelous daughters, one genius of a dog, preaches at MCA as often as he is able, leads one of our venue services, loves God more today than he did yesterday, walked from Barrow to Anchorage in order to raise awareness of the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Sudan, brought back the cross we honor in our Live venue, visits door to door in one of our areas of intentionality, and the list goes on and on.

Can you believe it? Equip the saints and look at all the cool stuff that flows out to the world God loves.

Just click the link and check out all the good stuff at www.jesus907.org

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