Magnificent Memorial Day!

Every Memorial Day at noon you will find me at the Memorial Day Celebration at the Fort Richardson National Cemetery. Patriotism runs deep and thick in my blood.  Tears rise like a stream of thankfulness.  What part moves me?  The flags?  Yes.  The moving speeches?  Yes.  The tears in the eyes of those who have fought in battle and lost their fellow warriors?  Yes.  The American music?  Yes.  Taps?  Yes.  The twenty-one gun salute?  Yes.  The flag being raised to full staff?  Yes.  The presentation of the memorial wreaths?  Yes.

In short, I like it all.

United States Alaskan Congressman, Don Young, said, “Will everyone do me a favor and take a deep breath?  Let the breath out.  Everyday that you get out of bed you should take a deep breath of freedom and thank God with all of your heart that you live in freedom.  Thank God for the breath of freedom.”

American freedom is grand.  Spiritual freedom, given by our Lord Jesus Christ through his victorious battle of the cross, is even more grand.

The person Jesus sets free is truly free.

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