Make a Dream Come True

We are sending Pastor Joany Bazemo, Senior Pastor of the Wemptenga Assemblie de deiu, to experience the power and beauty of the Holy Land. Joany, one of MCA’s favorite pastors, will be the first pastor in our Burkina Faso network to travel to the Holy Land. General Superintendent, Pawentaore OUEDRAGO has been to Israel, but none of the pastors in our Zone One network have been.

Imagine Joany seeing the Sea of Galilee, walking in the path of the Apostle Paul, and praying in Gethsemane. Think of the excitement Pastor Joany will take back to Burkina Faso and the network of ministries there after walking through the Garden Tomb and seeing the Red Sea. Amazing.

It is with joy that we participate in funding Joany’s expenses for this historic and monumental journey. Pastor Bazemo’s expenses will be approximately $5,000. Please direct your browser to the link below and make a generous online contribution today. Make sure you note that your contribution is for our missionary Holy Land Training account.

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