“Make Disciples of all Nations”

bigstock-Flags-Of-Countries-Around-The--45386707MCA Church takes the Bible seriously and obedience to God’s word is one of our key concepts that leads us into adventures we would not generally select on our own. One of our God given assignments is to make disciples of all nations. For many years I, without much thinking, exchanged nations with the word people.

One word can change the entire meaning. In the first instance, we ask the question, “What people are we to influence through discipleship ministry?” The second, “What nations are we to disciple?” Yes, nations need discipling too.

Without a doubt this is over our heads. None of us, nor all of us know how to disciple nations.

Knowing our assignment is bigger than we are, God sent His empowering, guiding, and anointing Spirit. Because of the Spirit we have the mind of Christ and the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. We are well able to accomplish our assignment in the Spirit’s Person, Presence, and Power.

MCA Church has beginning nation discipling relationships in Burkina Faso, Australia, The Netherlands, Thailand, El Salvador, and the great USA. As the Spirit guides, empowers, and anoints we are to develop these relationships for the glory of God.

Strengthening these ties requires time together. Impersonal discipleship is an oxymoron. Developing friendships, unity, and a sense of team with the people of these countries is a huge part of the joy of obedience. Truly MCA Church is an international collection of Jesus followers.

This week I represent MCA Church in the nation of Thailand. I am here to strengthen the ties of nation impacting discipleship. Pastor Wirachai Kowea has made a significant investment into the discipling of Alaska, by being willing to send his team mates, Pastor Jirayoot and Wandee, to live in Alaska for the express purpose of discipling us and those who speak the Thai language.

When people uproot their careers, family relationships, and normal life routines to move to us, we are blessed beyond words. God is sending “Nation Discipling” Christians to us!!! Glory to God.

Both the Montano’s, from El Salvador, and the Wanjanthawornchai’s from Thailand, are God’s gift to our congregation. They are among us to disciple both people and nations.

I’ll keep you posted on the life-giving relationships that God is opening to MCA Church.

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