Making MCA Church Online Giving Easy and Enjoyable

Eureka!  We now have in place an online giving system that meets all of the requests we have received from our generous, committed, and energetic donor family.  Our three most common requests have been:

  • May I set up a recurring gift to a specific account (such as Tithe, Capital Campaign, Global Outreach, or the Boaz Operation)?
  • May I view my contribution record to see my giving?
  • May I give using my credit or debit cards?

You may be delighted to know that all of these features and more are included in the new MCA Church Online Giving system.  If you prefer, you may continue to give through PayPal on our online giving page.  However, we think you will LOVE the new system.

I just set up my MCA Church Giving Account and it took me less than three minutes.  When you direct your web browser to our online giving page   you will see the following.


To set up your personal MCA Church Online Giving Account, click on the “Log In To GIve” button.  When you do, you will see the following.


Click on the “Sign Up” line in the lower right corner.  There you will give your email address, set up a password, and be on your way to a superb online giving experience.

On the Online Giving Home Page, we have several helpful articles on the left side bar that will answer most of your questions.


If you would like assistance, please call the MCA Church office, 907 337 9495 and ask for the accounting office.

Blessings to each of you and if we can provide other services to be helpful to you let me know, because we want your participation at MCA Church to be easy and enjoyable.

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