Many are Trusting in Jesus For Salvation

We have finalized our 2011 presentation of Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames. By God’s grace we presented the drama four times (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). Each presentation had something a bit different from the night before, making the four showings very powerful and alive.

Our 2011 cast was one of the most energetic, positive, and prayerful casts we have assembled. Pastor Mark and Val Burgess led the drama portion of the ministry and they did a fantastic work. Bryan Fick and Michael Roux put together our winning technology team for this years drama. I totally enjoy their work. Howard Hansen coordinated the altar ministry teams and information. Dale Baker gave direction to our evening food component. Pastor Pam Hodges coordinated and presented the Children’s Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames. Vanda Hoecher was a tremendous blessing in the communication portion of the event ministry.

MCA, your ministry of invitation was effective. Many of you personally invited hundreds of people and many of them responded to the message of grace.

We do not have a total number of people who responded to the altar calls yet. However, we already have 216 response cards, not including the children’s responses.

Each of you who responded to the altar invitation are now ready to grow in your commitment level to the Lord. This Sunday at 9:15 AM, 11:15 AM, and 6:00 PM we will have a portion of our worship service designed to help you grow in your new commitment.

When you attend, please come up to me and let me know that you trusted in Jesus for salvation at Heaven’s Gates.

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