MCA Adult Development Center (West Campus)

Into our stewardship and care has been placed the 6901 and 6911 DeBarr road facility.  Formerly owned by the Far North Bible College, God has seen fit to entrust these facilities into our care.  We plan to continue the purpose for which the Far North Bible College campus was purchased, the development and maturation of adult disciples and ministers of the Gospel.

Please join us in prayer, asking God to provide long-term lease agreements for the property.  We would prefer tenants who use the facility in the day time and allow us to use the facility in the evenings.  Additionally, we request further prayer for our upcoming capital campaign through which we are trusting the Lord to provide the finances for three tremendous ministry facilities.  More on the capital campaign later.

Pictured below, Kevin Aleshire (MCA Treasurer) studies the closing documents for the MCA Adult Development Center.


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