MCA Board of Directors. Wow!

Our Board of Directors is absolutely phenomenal.  In our monthly meeting this evening we began the process of pre-monitoring our Junior and Senior High and Young Adult ministries for the September through August 2009 ministry year.

Appreciation for all that God is doing in our teens and young adults was energetically matched and even surpassed by the strong sense of an exceptional and glorious new year of ministry.  Pastor Billy presented four major upgrade ideas that have marvelous potential for taking our ministry to the next level.  I’ll let him have the joy of sharing his team’s ideas with you, but hold on to your hat, God is on the move!

Additionally we are inspired with the upcoming use of our North Campus.  Again, I don’t want to share Dale, Billy, Fay, Mark, and Dick’s thunder, but you will be fired up about the stuff that will be happening in the North Campus.

The MCA Board of Directors follows the governance model known as “The Policy Governance Model” by Carver and Carver.  We have been working diligently, for over two years, to implement this exciting, effective, and spiritually appropriate governance process.  Policy Governance, properly implemented, results in a powerfully unified Board and Staff.  The direction of the organization, the results it achieves, the people for which it achieves those results, and the cost of achieving the results is the outflow of the best thinking of the entire Board.  Everyone on the Board then personally, passionately, and purposefully  has a sense of ownership, satisfaction, and of pleasing the Lord when we make progress toward the results we feel God has revealed.  The Board then, joyfully speaks with one voice.

I hereby create….TYBM.  Thank your Board member.

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