MCA Church 2012 Top Innovations

It is time to celebrate the top innovations of the MCA Church leadership team in 2012 for the Anchorage Campuses. The team that serves MCA Church is creative, inventive, and innovative.

10. MCA Church North Campus Building Plans – Dale Fick
9. MCA Management System Fellowship One, Service U, and Giving Kiosks- Bryan Fick and Pastor Howard Hansen
8. MCA Central Campus Parking Teams – Pastor Fay Niemann
7. MCA Street to the Seat Team’s plans for the Central Campus Commons Area – Pastor Michael Roux, Bryan Fick, and Pastor Blaine Schmidt.
6. MCA Strong Tower Church Visa application and preparation – Pastor Edgardo and Pastor Fay Niemann
5. MCA Online Live Streaming, Facebook Campus, and Video and Audio quality improvement – Pastor Michael Roux and Bryan Fick
4. MCA Children’s Ministry Prayer Wall and Internship Program – Pastor Greg Jones
3. MCA Island Revival Missions Luau – Pastor Moe Tali
2. MCA Cold Weather Shelter Ministry and Lunch Box Children’s Food Program – Pastor Mark Burgess and MCA Church COO Dale Fick
1. MCA Youth Seminary – Pastor Howard Hansen

Everything MCA Church does is designed and intended to bring life transformation of people into the image of Jesus. These innovations have further advanced the structures through which the Spirit brings this amazing transformation into our lives.

MCA Team, we are abundantly blessed to receive the benefit of your creativity.

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