MCA Church LIFE Group Schedule for September, October, and November

Christian maturity and development happens best in a authentic relationships. MCA Church LIFE Groups are designed to provide you with the relationships necessary for maximum growth in faith.

Our LIfE Groups are scheduled for not more than 75 minutes each week and feature conversation about the Bible message, friendship, and prayer.

I am confident one of the following groups is a good match for you. If you like, we can help you make a selection. The youth and children’s group information is available from Pastor Greg and Pastor Howard.

Pastor Fay has more LIFE Groups to be announced in the next week and a half.

Day/Time Leader Location Group

4:30 PM Mark North Edge Sermonbased Monday Night Football
7pm Matt and Angie Home Sermon based

9:30a Kim Life Community Bible Study (Women)
6pm Moe North Edge Bible Study
7pm Blaine and Robin Home Sermon based
7pm Mark Room 221 Bible Study (Men)

7pm Jonathan Park Strip Sermon based (Young Adult)
7pm Heidi Video Café Bible Study (Married Life)
7pm Greg Child. Min. Ctr. Way Cool Wednesday (Kids)
7pm Dave and Debbie Life Community Bible Study (Hebrews)
7pm Brad and Fay LIVE Headline News
7pm Marie Room 263 Healing Prayer
7pm Carol Room 221 Grief Share

1pm Blaine Life Community Sermon based (Sr. Adults)
7pm Pam Vide Café Bible Study (Women)

7pm Clayton and Leah Home Sermon based

6am Moe Life Community Prayer mtg.

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