MCA Church Live Streaming Report

I love passing along positive reports of the ministry of the MCA Church team. This report features the work of the computer and internet folks, the weekend service producer, the sound and lights team, and the MCA worship teams. Enjoy!

Hi Pastor Kent! Wanted to let you know what a blessing “live streaming video” is to us. We were at Providence with our friend — (she had surgery for stage III colorectal cancer on 4/11) on Sunday. We were debating leaving to attend church. Then Pete said why don’t we do the live streaming video and we can all three attend church today? So we did. This blessed our friend tremendously and she very much enjoyed the message and the singing. I have a very hoarse voice and she carried us both through the songs! Again, what a blessing! Again, proof that the Lord is in the house – where ever the house may be at the moment!! God is loving us every step of the way!

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