Basic Human Rights: the MCA Global Network of Congregations

Many people have been awaiting an update regarding our global network of congregations and their lived experiences. As I have mentioned in previous videos, blogs, and messages, the time for secrecy among our Christian brothers and sisters is upon us. For example, if I write this blog post carelessly, friends in other countries may be placed into unvaccinated “covid concentration camps.” Yes, I have personally verified this with eyewitness accounts. Others may become the target of terrorists. We must be circumspect in our online communications.

Our Burkinabe sisters and brothers are in a season of extreme difficulty. Recently another large group of Burkina Faso citizens were killed by religious radicals. Feeling unprotected by their government, a large number of people are demonstrating in the streets and demanding change. In response to the protests, the government is “turning off” the internet from time to time. As far as I know, the government is comprised of great people doing their best against a most difficult and elusive foe.

Because of the violence that has now killed hundreds of our beloved Burkinabe, at least 1,000,000 citizens are internally displaced. That is beyond my comprehension. 1,000,000 people are homeless, landless, gardenless, and soon to be foodless. The entire country is quickly approaching a disaster beyond imagination. As the Global Senior Pastor of the MCA Network of Congregations, I stand with our Burkinabe church family for their basic human rights. Every human should be afforded, safety, lodging, food, and water. When I speak with my friends there and ask for guidance, they always say, “Please pray for us.” My closest family and friends in the “Land of Upright and Honest People,” I stand with you in prayer for your basic human rights.

From the beginning of the current global situation, I have been arguing for the basic human rights of all involved. For the MCA global network, the rights of the unvaccinated are at a critical stage. If the rights of the vaccinated were at risk, I would be fighting for those rights too. Human rights are not connected to something you DON’T do. In the USA, theoretically, all citizens have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Declaration of Independence does not say citizens have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if and only if you…(fill in the blank). The vaccinated and unvaccinated must be awarded basic human rights. Millions and millions of human beings are not free to exercise basic human rights and for them, we must speak.

From the beginning of the ministry God has entrusted to me, I have pledged to speak for those whose voices are not heard.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Proverbs 31:8-9

In the current global environment, those who do not object to the onslaught of restrictions placed upon the unvaccinated own the airwaves, the press, the communication channels, most pulpits, and many of the rights to freedom. Human rights aren’t earned or deserved. These rights are extended simply because we are all humans, made in the image of God. Whatever the potentially wicked background of a hungry person, they should have food simply because they are human beings. One doesn’t earn the right to breathe.

It didn’t require much of an IQ to see that the declared pandemic would be used to remove basic human rights. I mentioned to a friend about a year ago, “Within two years, a person will not be allowed to purchase food without the vaccination.” If Irish senator Gerry Horkan has his way, my statement will be correct. His quote, from Tuesday, November 23, 2021, reveals, in my view, what is coming soon to our towns and cities.

“Why not supermarkets? Why not public transport? I know it is difficult to police some of these things, but really, if you want to participate in society, you need to be vaccinated.”

Irish Senator Gerry Horkan

Clearly, the Irish senator is arguing for the genocide by starvation of the unvaccinated. If this genocidal senator has his way, my grandchildren will not be able to have food to eat. Whatever one’s view of the mark of the beast, the Bible is extremely clear; the day is coming when certain groups of people will not be able to buy food.  Why argue about the mark? It isn’t worth the time. Simply put, if you can’t buy food, you can’t buy food.  Who cares about the mark?

Yes, concentration-style camps are indeed being prepared for the unvaccinated, especially for Australia’s Aboriginal population. I don’t make this declaration based upon shoddy evidence and western media hearsay. This should bring international outrage; however, it won’t. The ATROCITIES our Aboriginal sisters and brothers have faced from white Australia are more reprehensible than I can adequately state. Although currently there is no armed military presence forcing our sisters and brothers into these covid concentration camps, there is a constant and consistent threat of the Australian military moving into Aboriginal lands to enforce the global agenda. Many Aboriginal leaders are again convinced this is white Australia’s next attempt at “grabbing our land” by restricting us to camps. I stand with our Australian Aboriginal family for their basic human rights.

Knowing your Bible and understanding the times, you will not be surprised by this account. One of our much-loved pastors in the land down under is threatened with prison. “If you meet again for prayer, you will go to prison.” To this pastor, I said, “Christians have read, for 2,000 years, that prison awaits the devout followers of Jesus, and we have the joy of living in these end times.” He said, “That is one way of looking at it.” I stand with this pastor for the basic human right to gather and pray.

I say, repeatedly, “I am not anti-vaccine.” To my knowledge, I have every necessary vaccine that is morally tenable to my conscience. It is humorous, in a way, that people with my conscience are considered illiterate and unable to understand science. I don’t want to diverge from my primary goal of updating you on the lived experiences of our global network; however, I will ask one question. Will you please publish or otherwise demonstrate empirical, scientific evidence that the vaccinated and unvaccinated have different virus transmission rates? To my knowledge, it is universally accepted that the vaccinated transmit the virus at the same rate (often higher, due to a false sense of safety) as the unvaccinated.

Yes, I am arguing for the rights and freedom of the unvaccinated. Why? The VAST majority of the MCA global ministry network is unvaccinated for two reasons. 

  1. They have no access to the vaccine.
  2. They hold deep moral convictions against the use of human fetal cells in three of the four stages of these vaccine’s creation. Human fetal cells are used in all the currently available vaccines’ research, development, and testing phases. The corporate line is, “No fetal cells are used in the manufacture of the vaccines.” That line may or may not be accurate, but all the manufacturers have publicly stated the use of fetal cells in the other three phases.

I stand in solidarity with our global members who desire to be vaccinated but do not have access to the vaccines.

Almost constantly, those with my conscience must argue that we, in fact, have a brain and can think. I cannot speak for the decision processes of others, but I can explain my thinking. 

Most Christians will agree that harvesting fetal cells from a living child murdered in the womb is a heinous (grave and mortal) sin. Have you ever wondered why cells are not used from miscarried babies? The babies must be living and prepared for the procedure because the scientists want “fresh” cell lines. This reality places the vaccine decision, for thinkers like me, in the classical problem space of “cooperation with evil.”

Cooperation with evil is not a new ethical problem for Christianity. It has been studied and refined for over 2,000 years. I am mindful of the Christians who would go to their death rather than place incense on hot coals in the worship of Roman emperors. Putting incense on coal might be viewed as a very forgivable event with the positive outcome of saving lives. However, our sisters and brothers went to their deaths rather than capitulating to cooperation with evil.

Again, I am not seeking to change anyone’s mind but showing the moral foundation upon which I object. Virtually all my Senior Pastor friends disagree with me. Not a problem. I enjoy the debate. However, when significant numbers of our members are under threat of concentration camps, the possibility of not buying food for their family, and no jab no job (as it is phrased in one country), I feel obligated to explain the depth and breadth of our belief system. The following may sound a bit academic, but it might make some sense if you hang in there with me.

Again, please hear my heart. Many of my best friends don’t agree with this assessment, and yet we love each other, and I celebrate their conscience, and they ask God for grace to tolerate mine :0) In our global network of congregations, we have over 4,000 members who are not currently vaccinated. As their Christian brothers and sisters, we fight for their right to be vaccinated, if they wish, or to remain unvaccinated if that is their preference.

I stand with you for your basic human rights.

Cooperation with evil has come to be understood in the following way by most moral theologians.

The cooperation is either formal or material. In the case of the fetal cell lines, the mother who electively offered her child as a sacrifice to science, the scientists, everyone involved in the process, and those who use the cell lines formally cooperate with evil. Thus, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and many others formally cooperate with evil. At the beginning of the pandemic, I thought, “I should purchase stock in the vaccine companies. Their value will, most likely, skyrocket.” It took only a moment for that thought to be rejected. These companies formally cooperate with evil. With them, I want no part.

In my perspective, if I receive the vaccine, I am not in the category of formal cooperation with evil but in material cooperation. Material cooperation includes participating or receiving benefits from the evil action, but without sharing the evil intention of those with formal cooperation.

Material cooperation with evil is further delineated into immediate (direct) or mediate (indirect) cooperation. In immediate material cooperation with evil, in the illustration of the fetal cell lines, are those who directly assist in the evil act. In mediate material cooperation with evil are those who indirectly assist the evil act, such as secretaries who schedule the procedure, companies that make the tools for the crime, and those who sell the cell lines (for HUGE profits).

Further, cooperation with evil is considered through the lens of proximate cooperation and remote cooperation. Proximate cooperation can be in time, space, or materials. Undoubtedly, you have heard the following argument about the fetal cell lines used in the current debate, “The abortion was a long time ago.” That line of reasoning argues for identifying the situation as remote cooperation.

If you have made it this far, hang in there. Remember, I stand in solidarity with you and your basic human rights.

There is also active and passive cooperation with evil. With active cooperation with evil, the person takes an active role in the evil act. You might think of the Apostle Paul holding the coats of those who stoned Stephen to death. Paul did not throw stones, but he took an active role in the evil act. Paul was involved in active cooperation with evil, which in my view, is partly why he said that he was the chief of sinners.

Passive cooperation with evil is identified when a person does not take a necessary and doable action to prevent the evil act. Moral theologians agree; the original immoral act of harvesting fetal cell lines for science must be publicly rebuked and protested, demanding corporate and scientific research reform. 

From a moral theologian’s perspective, Christians should be shouting the loudest outcry in the history of the world. Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and all current covid vaccine manufacturers are practicing formal cooperation with evil. I agree with the Catholic moral theologians who classify the cooperation with evil on matters relating to these vaccines as 1. Material (not formal), 2. Mediate (not immediate), and 3. Remote (not direct).

Unless you are a scientist or are otherwise working with the vaccine, abortion, or human organ “procurement” companies, you can not be in active cooperation with evil in this matter. I am not a scientist, nor abortionist, nor actively involved in the original evil acts of harvesting fetal cell lines, selling the child’s kidnapped DNA on the open market, and actively working with the cell lines. Most of us can not be in “active cooperation with evil” on this matter.

Because the cooperation with evil is determined to be material, mediate, and remote, moral theologians have declared, “If you are in grave danger, and you PROTEST the original evil acts, you are morally free to receive or not receive the current vaccine options.”

In my view (just in case it isn’t apparent), the public protest and demand for scientific reform is the only way to avoid passive cooperation with evil in the context of the currently available vaccines. We must lift up an outcry against the formal, immediate, direct, and active cooperation with evil. This is a costly sentence for me because I have friends who make their living in fetal cell research.

By all means, if you are in grave danger and you protest the original evil acts, I stand in solidarity with you.

Those who know me well are not surprised that I have recommended the vaccine to those in grave danger and who protest the original evil actions through which these vaccines came to be. Most of us are not in grave danger and are not protesting. Thus, we have the potential for material, mediate, remote, and passive cooperation with evil.

On behalf of our diverse congregations, I write to you.  We have congregations that are 100% vaccinated, congregations that are 100% unvaccinated, and congregations with a variety of percentages in between. Our board of directors has been careful to encourage each congregant to make their own personal medical choices. We support you, your ethical processes, and your decisions.

As the Global Senior Pastor of the MCA Network of Churches, I vehemently decry the rounding up of unvaccinated Aboriginals with the intent of placing them in concentration-style camps. I wish I could travel to Australia and stand in solidarity with our Aboriginal sisters and brothers. Truly, I would be on the next plane. Further, I condemn any threat of imprisonment for simply joining in prayer, especially in the glorious Outback outdoors.

I honor those whose conscience is different from mine. For example, one friend says, “I thank God that the evil of abortion can be turned into a life-saving vaccine.” I can’t get there (anywhere close), but I celebrate him and his conscience.

In this season of global medical unrest, Christians need each other more than we realize. Please don’t think or say that the unvaccinated are ignorant, illiterate, or uncaring. Don’t throw down the “Jesus would get the vaccine because it is the loving thing to do for your neighbor.” At the same time, don’t throw down the “Those with the vaccine have capitulated to the system.” The unvaccinated in our congregational network whose lives are literally on the line, have asked us to pray. And pray we will.

Those who are vaccinated and those who are unvaccinated have, I hope, thought through the issues and have made their own conclusions before God. We are then called to “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8

2 thoughts on “Basic Human Rights: the MCA Global Network of Congregations”

  1. Hello Kent! I am encouraged by your messages and especially that you are a modern voice in the wilderness that is speaking clearly and righteously on these matters. I, my wife & son still continue to live and minister in the Philippines. The government here is now pushing legislation under the current president, to mandate the vaccines for all citizens. This has concerned me and also more so the fact that most Christians, pastors included, are showing no discernment or crying out against the woes of these vaccines and what is in them. They actually encourage them. We have contemplated leaving here to return to the states, but we have no assurance that it will be a better choice back there. I have no place to go or to find employment since I have been a expat for nearly 10 years. We are praying that we can stay here and still continue without the vaccine. These are very serious times for all of us but especially the persecuted peoples that you have mentioned. I will join in prayer and do what God lays on my heart to speak out in the defense of the persecuted, harassed people of our world. Blessings to you, your family, and the MCA Global churches! Sincerely, brother Dave Taylor

  2. Rebecca J Wetzler

    Thank you for your thoughtful, informative discussion of this volatile subject. I remember thinking the very first week of the lockdown how fast we lost our freedom, not realizing there would be worse to come. I am vaccinated, only because I felt forced to in order to move freely about, including travel to another state to see aging family members. I paid a high price as the serum inexplicably made my chronic pain significantly worse. Governments are using the illness to overbearingly control the populace. Yes, it is the End Times, no doubt.

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