MCA LIFE Groups: Fall Session

MCA LIFE Groups launched today to rave reviews.  Three groups have selected Monday evenings for their gatherings and each one has already expressed how much the time together meant to them.

Mark and Val Burgess report a tremendous time in the two groups that meet in their Eagle River home.  One group is for adults and the other is a Journey group for teens.  Blaine mentioned how much he enjoyed the group meeting in Tracy and Pam Hodges home in mid-town Anchorage and Liz stated, “Great time at LIFE Group tonight, thanks Chuck and Fay for hosting.”

Each LIFE Group is working through the materials of the weekend service and the supplemental material in “Take God at His Word.”  To get a free copy of our LIFE Group text, “Take God at His Word” please contact Vanda at 907 337-9495.

Hodges Life Group

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