MCA Ministry Team Blogs

Several of our MCA team members are energetic participants in the blogosphere. In hope of pressuring them to keep their blogs current, I will list their URL’s here :0)

1. Pastor Blaine Schmidt writes an encouraging and very pastoral blog. Check it out here.
2. Pastor Pam Hodges keeps you informed of the MCA Children’s Ministry here.
3. MCA Youth Director, Howard Hansen, keeps you up to speed on MCA Youth Ministries here.
4. MCA Worship Pastor, Michael Roux, dials you in on the MCA Worship and Arts ministry here.
5. Dale Baker, MCA Young Adult Ministry Director spreads the Young Adult Ministry news here.

If, perchance, these blogs are a bit outdated, please lovingly pressure your dear friends to keep you informed in a timely manner. :0)

I am glad our team is venturing out into the blog world and learning the skill necessary to keep the world posted. Our team has been given the assignment of dedicating one hour of each work day to their online presence and ministry. Will you help me keep them motivated, fired up, and online? Thanks.

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