MCA Participant Sings National Anthem at the Alaska Wild Football Game

J-man and I attended our first indoor football league game last evening. We had no idea what to expect, so we entered with an open mind. The price wasn’t going to be too expensive; $13 for the cheap seats and $38 for the best.

When we walked into the ticket area, Reuben and Robin had just picked up their tickets. Two of their invited guests could not attend……….so they gave us two fantastic seats! Thanks Reuben and Robin.

Our next great surprise was that Tai, one of our MCA attenders, was the soloist for the National Anthem. Wow! You should have heard him sing. When Tai was nearing the finish of the Anthem, people began to cheer for the United States. When he finished singing, the crowd screamed energetically for Tai. The fans behind me were screaming for Tai and they said to each other, “The dude can sing, man.” “The bro. has a set of pipes.”

Over all it was a fun experience. I could have lived without the pre-game tribal dance by the Anchorage team. A “Let’s all stand for prayer,” would have been much better.


Tai singing the National Anthem


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