MCA Signs

One of my most frequently asked questions is “Pastor Kent, when can we get a nice big sign.” Unfortunately, the answer is much more complicated than one would think. I will try to explain our situation, in brief.

Our biggest challenge is that our LIVE property is zoned residential. Anchorage residential sign ordinances are very strict and limiting. To all of my friends who say, “Just cheat on the ordinance and ask for forgiveness later,” I simply say that MCA keeps all ordinances and regulations to the best of our knowledge. If it is a rule, we keep it.

MCA LIVE is allowed one temporary sign that must be placed on the building and can be no higher than five feet and can be no larger than six square feet. In essence, the size of this sign and required placement make it of no value.

Our “permanent” sign will be placed after the Municipality of Anchorage finalizes plans for the Patterson and DeBarr road intersection. Yet even then, our sign can not be a reader board sign or a sign with a monitor, it can only be 30 square feet, and can be no higher than 8 feet.

We have a tremendous sign company selected to work with us and the municipality on the design, preparation, and placement of our MCA signs. They have researched the codes in order to give us good guidance for our sign needs.

Thanks for caring and giving comments. We look forward to a positive resolution in the months ahead.

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