MCA Throws the Best Parties!

The MCA Leadership Team blessed Paula, our children, and me with a beyond imagination 25th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration. This evening (Friday) was especially meaningful for us. Pastor Pam, Pastor Billy, and Pastor Fay presented our four children with words of appreciation that will be meaningful for years to come. Additionally, the gifts given to our children were a blessing deep in their hearts. It is my prayer that Pastor Pam and Pastor Billy’s prayers over our children are prophetic. “Do it, Lord!”

Having Paula’s mother and father and my mother in attendance was also deeply meaningful. We love our families.

When Dennis Agajanian strolled onto the stage we were totally surprised, thankful, and inspired. Over the years Dennis’ music has given us strength and motivation. We are humbled and blessed by his words, music, and presence. He flew all night to get here and then immediately flew all night back across the country for his weekend ministry. We are speechless. Thanks!

Unknown, I think, to everyone, is that Dennis played my late grandfather’s favorite hymn. I was blown away and totally grateful. As Dennis played, “There is a Fountain Filled with Blood,” I thought, “only the Holy Spirit could coordinate all of this.”

All of the family and friends in attendance made day one of the celebration one of the greatest days of our pastoral life. All praise and thanks to God.





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