McLoser and McGainer

Ready to add pounds of healthy, beneficial, and beautiful muscle?  Tired of the “my pants are too tight” syndrome?  Church family….let’s get more active and healthful together.

Introducing “90 Days of Health.”  With a launch date of March 23, 2008, “90 Days of Health” offers an opportunity for you to join others in your worship family in a special health emphasis.  Just for fun, let’s make it a contest.  Who can lose a healthy amount of fat and gain healthy amounts of muscle?  With Roger Clemens in front of Congress right now, no one use steroids or questionable weight loss products :0)  Make sure you do everything with your doctors approval.  Stay balanced.  Have fun.

As the “90 Days of Health” coordinator, I can not be in the contest.  That would be like being the referee in my own basketball game.  However, I do plan to participate in the process of improving my health.

Early this morning Mike and I met a physical fitness expert for hydrostatic body composition testing.  Turns out these are big words for getting weighed on land and sea.  First, I jumped on the scale.  Then I walked into a baptistery style tank, sat on an under water scale, blew out all the air I could and weighed again.

I now know the muscle gain and weight loss targets I am setting for myself.  My goal is to build four pounds of muscle and lose 16 pounds of fat.  This would make for a twelve pound overall change.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine and the Institute for Aerobic Research, these body composition adjustments would place me below superior (90th percentile) and in the excellent (80th percentile) ratings.

Wanna go for a hike?

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