Bsafe at has been my choice for protecting our home’s computer from the evils of cyberspace. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the services Bsafe provides. About the only inconvenience is when the filter works too well and blocks sites that it doesn’t recognize (my son’s blog, for instance). But it is relatively easy to get a site unblocked and we are off and running again.

Unfortunately, I can find nothing, at the level of excellence of Bsafe for my new MacBook. SafeEyes from is the system I am currently considering. Bsafe filters at the ISP level and SafeEyes filters at the local computer level. I prefer Bsafe, but it is not available for the Mac.

Have any of you Mac users found a better solution?

By the way, I am convinced there should be no computer in a Christian home that is not protected with filters and/or accountability systems.

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