Mexico Church Planting

Juan, MCA worship community member, met with me recently to show me the new property he has purchased near his home town in Mexico, on which he hopes to plant a church!  When the Lord spoke to our community and led us into being a teaching and equipping ministry.  He also let us know that we would be involved in the planting of many ministries.  Equipped ministers minister.  MCA could include the definition, Multiple Church Assembly.

In the past three weeks I have met with three MCA worship community members for conversations about the planting of churches in their home town regions.  Malika and her husband have already built a gigantic three story facility in Thailand, Tristan has traveled to the Philippines, and Juan is making plans for Mexico.  The entire MCA worship community is planning to participate in the church plant in The Hague and Mike is working on our next series of buildings in Burkina Faso.

I am so fired up.  Go God!!!


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