Morality AND Righteousness

The key issues of our day are in the part of the human being in which reside the moral mechanisms and the spirituality of righteousness.

It is my perspective that most of our nation’s population are neither moral nor righteous and that morality and righteousness are often publicly mocked and chided.

Morality, it seems to me, is the God given, innate ability to think, act, and live according to principles that are right and proper. My understanding of Paul’s thinking in Romans is that God has woven morality into the fabric of every human heart. Morality is a human capacity.

Righteousness, on the other hand, is in the domain of the Divine. Humans aren’t righteous, God is. The third chapter of Romans states that “there is no one righteous, not even one.”

While morality is something you or I can muster up from deep within, righteousness can only be received from God. Romans 3:22 shows that this “righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.” In a sense, morality can be mustered while righteousness must be received.

If one is not moral, he is considered immoral. If one is not righteous, he is considered unrighteous. Predominantly, then, the majority of the USA population is both immoral and unrighteous.

In 2016 both the Democrats and Republicans owe it to God to present candidates and platforms that are both moral and righteous. The electorate does not seem to have the ability to monitor morality nor righteousness. Apparently the followers are incompetent and impotent on matters such as these, so the responsibility rests upon the LEADERS.

I have maintained, from the beginning of this election cycle, that none of the final contenders for President of the United States of America were both moral and righteous.

If I were an ethicist, my work would be to help clarify our nation’s morality. I am not, however, an ethicist. I am a pastor, follower of Jesus Christ, and Bible adherent. Therefore, my responsibility is to cry out, proclaim, shout from the roof tops, and beg on my knees in prayer for RIGHTEOUSNESS.

We need a down pouring of righteousness upon the United States’ population, power brokers, financiers, and CHURCH. This righteousness is given, by God, to those who have faith to believe in Jesus Christ.

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