Only when I change my life patterns do I discover the huge world out there of “the better.” Sure my life is too busy, too entertained, too loud, and too self centered, but isn’t there tremendous value in being busy, entertained, loud, and centered?

Sort of.

We just simply settle for being busy and entertained and loud and centered on the lesser rather than the Greater. Whatever you are doing right now may be the best thing for you to be doing, or, there could be something far better for you to be doing.

When I quiet my life patterns I discover the exceptional volume with which God is always speaking. As I break from the action of my life, God’s creative action all around becomes evident.

Maybe we don’t need less busyness, but more activity about the right things.

Yes. The sum of the matter is that we need more, far, far more of God and His work in our lives.

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