My High Tech Plan

Today, September 15, 2013, I launch 90 Days of Nutrition and Fitness. That’s right. No fair tempting me with late night pizza treks, Weez’s fudge on the Guest Services buffet line, Vanda’s huge bowl of M&M’s by my office door, or (sob) chocolate chip cookie dough! 90 day

I am a new nutrition and fitness man. Why? You may ask. It is a long hidden, ancient secret that I have finally decoded….It is hard to be effective for Jesus if you are dead, sick, or energy-less. Currently, best I can tell, I am not dead, sick, or energy-less, but why even get close?

To be who God calls me to be and to do what God calls me to do, I want to be as healthy as possible.

Please, no personal rebukes. Yes, I know the ingredients in Diet Coke and that there is chlorine in tap water and that alkaline balanced water is available. I don’t plan to buy any expensive (or cheap) nutritional products, take any supplements, or eat like a cow. In fact, in the Bible one guy (Nebuchadnezer) ate like a cow because it was PUNISHMENT from God.

I have never been to nutrition college nor studied in the great halls of science, so my plan is probably not all that great, but I will try it anyhow. I plan to eat as much food as I can endure just the way God created it. Let’s call it the GLAD plan (God Led American Diet, thanks Lenny) This is very easy for fruit and vegetables but a bit more difficult with beef. Raw meat and I don’t get along very well, so I will have to resort to medium well. Hopefully, if my plan doesn’t work and I end up in heaven a bit early, I can get it “Well Done…”cow

My fitness plan is equally sophisticated and very hard to follow so I may write a book on the subject. My plan is a very complicated two words. “Move more.” I can see it as a best seller already.

I think I will throw in some training that I have been learning from my children for the past 19.5 years. Mom says, “Please clean your room, take out the trash, and empty the dishwasher.” I think our kids may be geniuses. They have a HUGE vocabulary with every reason in the world why they shouldn’t, couldn’t, and wouldn’t do the stated assignments. Yes, this has prepared me for the second part of my Move More training regiment. To Move More, I am adding resistance training. If my kids can resist chores for 19.5 years, I can surely resist a few heavy metal plates for 90 days.

How will I move more? Insanity!
How will I keep track of my GLAD nutrition? My Fitness Pal
How will I record my digression (or the small chance of progress)? Fitness Builder
How will I know, should I actually take a walk, how far and fast I have traveled? Walkmeter

What is my deep and abiding motivation for such drastic action? High cholesterol? No. Bad heart? No. Sickness and disease? No. Someday when people look into my casket I hope they say, “Look how healthy and fit he looks.”

I only have 2,160 hours or 129,600 minutes or 7,776,000 seconds until I can bite into a nice spoon of chocolate chip cookie dough……unless someone can show me a recent discovery of a God created chocolate chip cookie dough plant.

PS: IF you know Evangelist Guy….I promise not to post any shirtless photos of myself. guy

The 90 Day Action Plan graphic is from this web site.
The lovely cow photo is from this site.

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