My Part of the Fight

IsisSometimes I wonder, “What would I have done if I were serving a local church as a pastor during the time of the holocaust?”  

ISIS has created a new holocaust.  It is my turn to pastor in the midst of extreme wickedness.  No longer is it “What would I have done, but what am I doing?”

First, I am confronting my sense of helplessness.  “This isn’t a problem I can solve.  It is for others to deal with.”

Second, I am challenging my wishful thinking.  “Surely, ISIS will stop the absurd attraction to horrific violence.”

Third, I am resisting a tendency to profile.  “He looks like he could be a Muslim extremist.”

Fourth, I am seeking to trust God at a deeper level.  “God, you and your world don’t make sense to me right now.”

Fifth, I refuse to be paralyzed by what I can’t do, so I am doing what I can do.

I am the furthest thing from an End Times, Last Days, or eschatological scholar.  I never can figure out what the imagery really means.  Making things worse, I am never sure the scholars have it right because they never seem to agree with each other.  This leaves me with the personal responsibility to do what I can.

I can look to the Bible for time tested and Holy Spirit inspired insight.

I can seek God’s intervention through prayer.

I can lift up my voice against the great darkness and proclaim the Light.

I can become informed.

I can grow in love.

Maybe you noticed in this blog post the large number of times I have used the personal pronoun, I.  This is intentional.  From my perspective, God will hold me accountable not for what nations could do but for what I can do.  I have personal responsibility to fight my part of the fight.



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