My Personal Retreat With The Lord

The upside of not feeling well is the opportunity to study the Bible, worship, and pray.  In some ways, my body simply began to tell me, “If you keep pushing this hard, I will start shutting down on you.”  Since I need my body to cooperate for the fulfillment of my destiny, I requested a leave of absence.  Graciously, our Board of Directors approved.

mixed-fruit-smoothies-37907-ssI have pledged to make my leave of absence a personal retreat with the Lord.  When I awaken, I drink a healthy fruit smoothie created by Paula or Queilla, and then I settle into my “prayer chair” for a lengthy time of scripture meditation, prayer, worship, study, and listening to sermons.

In the Bible I am reading and meditating upon the Psalms one sentence at a time.  The depth, breadth, and height of God’s word is profound.  In studying, I am reading R.T. Kendall’s “The Sermon on the Mount:  A verse by-verse look at the greatest teachings of Jesus.”  This 414 page treatise (in the smallest font I have read in years) is exceedingly rich.

My worship time is a mixture of both old and new.  I am finding Christy Nockels fresh take on classic Christian themes to be invigorating and inspirational.  I also am re-visiting some of the songs that were foundational to my Christian formation.  Songs run deep in my soul.

I have viewed and worshiped with this song often during my prayer times.  To quote our much loved, Dr. Linfield Crowder, each time “I had a spell.”  It is true, “Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this Place.”

Every downside has a bigger and more glorious upside.

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