Name It!

Following are my notes for today’s message in the Eucharisteo: Fully Alive. Here. Now.

Eucharisteo: Fully Alive. Here. Now.

Name It!

We are learning to be fully alive, right here, right now. John 10:10

Today we are dialing in on the forming, observing, and naming of Genesis 2:19 and how it impacts our eucharisteo life.


The Bible opens with God forming all that is. Being made in God’s image, we too are involved in the forming of our lives. Genesis 1:1

Giving shape to whom and what we are is one of our paramount responsibilities.


In Genesis 1:31 God observes that which has been forming. “God saw all that he had made.”

How much of your life and experience are simply unobserved?

Observe is defined as: “notice or perceive something and register it as being significant.”


That which is formed and observed must be given meaning.

In Genesis 1:31 God gives meaning to creation by saying, “and it was very good.”

Naming is as important (maybe more important) as forming and observing.

Naming sets the thing apart from everything else.
Mountain sets it apart from plain or ocean.
Mt. Denali sets it apart from all other mountains.

Naming gives it meaning.
For one person, mountain means exploration, for another it means insurmountable obstacle.

Naming gives you the power of personal meaning.
Naming allows you to say, “This is what it means to me.”

Naming, in the Bible, is often significant.

Abram means “exalted father.” Abraham means “Father of a multitude.” Genesis 17:5 Sarai means “my princess.” Sarah means “mother of nations.” Genesis 17:15 Jacob becomes Israel.

Application to My Life Today

1. When you participate fully in the forming, observing, and naming processes of your life, you have a huge opportunity to practice gratitude to God.
2. Form it in a way that aligns with your thankful heart.
3. Observe everything through lens of thankfulness.
4. Name it that which evokes the power of gratitude.

As you respond to God’s word today, please review your life. What is forming there? What do you need to more closely observe? What name seems best to you and to the Holy Spirit?

Genesis 50:20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good!

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