New Ways to Make an Increasing Difference

MCA Church has always been about bringing transformation into people’s every day lives through the power of Jesus. God is the Transformer and we are the messengers of His power. Making a difference in our world of today is a multifaceted endeavor. It seems there are more ways to impact the world than there are numbers to count them.

I almost never carry our family’s checkbook with me and as a result, I write less than 10 checks per year. My bills are paid online. My pay check is deposited through a wire transfer. We send our missions giving to other countries through our banks’ transfer system. Millions of USAMericans don’t use their checkbooks anymore.

One of my favorite features of billing systems is the recurring payment feature. My utilities are paid automatically through this feature and I simply see the receipt and the transaction.

MCA Church is adding an additional contribution, donation, and giving option for you. May I be the first to introduce to you the MCA Church Contribution Kiosk?

In a few days you will be seeing, in our Central Campus, our new giving kiosk. While the giving kiosk may not be the choice for everyone, it will be my method of giving. I can give anytime the church is unlocked, not just during the two minutes in the service while the offering is being received. I love this one…I can make a recurring donation. For example, I can have my missions giving accomplished automatically on the first Sunday of every month. No checkbook required!

Yes, I am fired up about this additional contribution connection point because I think it will help us make an even greater difference in our world for Jesus.

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