Not Always Easy

Sometimes it just isn’t easy. Sure you are full of faith. Your confidence in God is at an all time high. God is well able. For you, though, it is still tough, tough, tough.

For what ever reasons, we blindly hope that our life will be different. No tough times for us. That tough stuff is for other people.

One of my friends is in the hospital awaiting news about her heart and lungs, another is there for serious surgery, and another is trusting God that her 43 day hospital stay will ensure that her pregnancy will go full term. Two friends fell on the ice. One of these guys had to go to the emergency room and the other hit his head so hard on the sidewalk that his eye is swollen shut. Life can be hard.

Pastor Billy Hornsby won the battle of faith and is now with the Lord. Billy was in ministry at MCA in August and was full of life, joy, and grace. Today, he is gone. Life can be hard.

A few weeks ago God dropped a sentence into my soul that is full of sustenance in the tough times. It seemed to me as if God said, “My son, your unformed days are being knit together in my hands. I am the one giving your life shape. I am both present and participating in the formation of your days as you become more responsive in relationship to me and more responsible in relationship with other people.”

I am aware that life is not always easy. I also know that God is giving shape to your life, is present and participating in your days, and guiding you into greater responsiveness and increased responsibility.

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