Not Much of a Shopper

Generally, I do not shop around. I enter the store, buy the goods, and get out as quickly as I can. Not so for my brother. He studies, evaluates, clips coupons, and otherwise finds creative ways to save money.
However, when my Anchorage Dentist gave me a proposal to repair four cracked teeth. I decided I must start shopping for better dental prices. Yep. I became a dental shopper immediately. Why? The Anchorage bid was $18,000 to repair four teeth. That included one root canal, exrays, and four crowns. Ouch! For a guy who doesn’t have insurance, that hurt.
While on a few days of rest for our 20th wedding anniversary, I stopped into a dental office in Mesa, Arizona. Asked them for a proposal to fix my four cracked teeth. “It is going to be very expensive to do the dental work you need done. We do offer financing. We think the crowns need to be gold, which adds to the expense.” “Okay,” I replied. “The total will be $4,500.”
Needless to say, i am 3/4 of the way finished with my Arizona Dental work. Sure, it costs a few hundred dollars to get there, but the savings is worth it to me.

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