Notice the Need

People are quietly carrying their heavy loads and continue to maintain their lifestyles and schedules.  It takes a trained and caring eye to see the slightest hint of deeper things.  Maybe a twitch in the eye.  A clearing of the throat.  Tears in the corner of the eye.  Maybe a longing look.

Most of the people to whom I am ministering would be blessed by an encouraging word, a generous gift, a listening heart, and a loving comment.  However, all of them ask to have me hold their situation in confidence.  We, as a ministry, offer 100 percent confidentiality.  So, I can’t tell you those who would benefit from your love, hope, and faith.

Looks like we will need to trust the Holy Spirit on this one :0)

Ask the Spirit to guide you in personal ministry to others.  “Spirit, who needs a word from me today?”  “What may I do today that will bless and encourage someone?”  “Guide me, Holy Spirit, in all my encounters today.”

May God be our guide this week.

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