Nuclear Power Plants

Again, I sit “glued” to the news about Japan. This unbelievable crisis has totally captured my attention, thoughts, and prayer. Since the earthquake and tsunami occurred during the MCA forty days of fasting and prayer, I have already scheduled extra time for prayer, reflection, worship, and the Word, so I have a more time for serious prayer and consideration of this world event. May God have mercy on Japan.

I am praying for the serious situation that has developed with the nuclear power plants. If the containment shields around the reactors fail, the world will suffer unimaginable consequences.

The most thought provoking aspect of the nuclear power plant crisis is, in a sense, ironic. Why the crisis? What is at the core of the problem? The nuclear power plants, due to the earthquake and tsunami lost the necessary power to operate the reactor cooling systems. As I write, three reactors have failed cooling systems. The consequences of this situation could be world changing.

I am trying to get my mind around the fact that these huge, powerful, power plants have failed for lack of power. Radar systems fail for lack of power. Elevators fail for lack of power. Lights and heaters and computers fail for lack of power. Power plants are not supposed to fail for lack of power.

The possible damage to people and the environment is staggering to consider. Evidently, power plants without power can be lethal. The news has reported that about 160 people have become sick from exposure to the radiation that resulted from this loss of power. Powerless power plants can have sickening consequences upon workers and those exposed to the radiation.

It seems to me that powerless Christians and local congregations might be benefited from learning from the nuclear crisis in Japan. Ephesians 1:18-23 clues us in to the nuclear power God has unleashed in the devout Jesus follower and into Jesus’ Church. As individual Jesus followers and collectively as His Church, may we learn how to keep powered up throughout all of life’s events.

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