Offended by Jesus

While driving in Seattle last week my wife asks, “Did you see that bumper sticker?”  I hadn’t, so she quoted it to me, “God = God.  Jesus = Fraud.”

Seeing the current day emphasis upon some type of spirituality without Jesus is heartbreaking even thought the Apostle Peter described Jesus as, “A stone of stumbling and a rock of offense.”  1 Peter 2:8

The other day a woman told me, “Isaac and Ishmael are brothers of the same father.  Jesus and Mohammed are two ways to the same God because both are related to Abraham.”

The problem with all of the God without Jesus talk is simply that God identifies Himself as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  If God is wrong about His fatherhood of Jesus or about the Sonship of Jesus, then God is fraud.

If God is fraud, there is no God.

Spirituality without Jesus turns out to be, in fact, a form of atheism.

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