One Month to Live Challenge: Day 19

The winds of change that we considered yesterday are not just external forces but internal too.  Deep in the soul is the sense that a few deep changes could be helpful.  Dis-ease in the soul is pandemic.

Pastor and Mrs. Shook look at several sources of soul dis-ease.

1.  Motion sickness.  When people learn they have only weeks to live, they almost always slow down the pace of their lives.

2.  Mission control.  Rather than trying to control everything, get quiet before the Lord for exteneded periods of time.

3.  Comparison compulsion.  Don’t spend your emotional energy comparing yourself to everyone else on the planet.  Be you!

4.  Crisis of comfort.  Living to be comfortable locks one in dis-ease.  The only way to truly live is to lift the weight of suffering and discontent.

Day 19 of our challenge is an invitation to live differently in order to free the soul from dis-ease.

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