One Month to Live Challenge: Day 20

Have you ever been totally rocked by something that shook you to the foundation of your soul?  “He was as healthy as an ox.”  “Their marriage was so strong.”  “Our business was doing unbelievably well.”  These are some of the comments people say in response to events beyond their radar screen and control.

When life sends an Alaskan magnitude earthquake your way, you will be glad your foundation is anchored into solid rock and that it is built with durable, strong, and enduring materials.

In addition to a solid foundation, one is greatly blessed by a caring and encouraging community.  The people your love and who love you are super vital in “earthquake proofing” your life.

Thank God, He has created for His children a shelter in the time of storm.  If the earth shakes and the very foundations of life quiver, God is with you providing an ever present help in the time of trouble.

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