One Month To Live Challenge: Day 24

Pastor Rick Benjamin hit a grand slam home run in his messages yesterday.  Rick painted an artful mosaic of Leaving Boldly.  Direct your web browser here to get inspired by Rick’s talk.

Today’s reading reflects upon the items in life that represent, to you, an enduring legacy.  Your childhood home, your grandmother’s diamond ring, your great grandfather’s rifle, the annual vacation to the lake, or any number of other things could be part of your legacy lineage.

What did you do last week that will last for the rest of this year?  for ten years?  for eternity?  (Shook, page 183).

The key is the seed and the soil.  If you planted good seed in healthy soil, you will see an increase for years to come.  Some seed has 30, 60, or even 100 times the productivity of the seed itself.  And the health of the soil matters.  Disinterested soil, complacent soil, comfortable soil, crowded soil, polluted soil, or dry and barren soil will not effectively receive the living seed.

You?  You have productive seed and healthy soil.

Plant a living legacy today!

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