One Month to Live Challenge: Day Four

Power Surge: Connecting with the Ultimate Source, is our meditation today. In what area of your life are you discovering that, without God’s power, you will not succeed? John 15:1-5, in the Bible, informs us that Jesus is the vine and we are connected to him. The power for fruitful living comes from the Vine. As the “branch,” I am to abide in the vine. When I abide in the Vine, His life development power flows through me.

While abiding in the Vine, the Master Gardener comes along and, desiring for us to produce much good fruit, begins the pruning process. The cutting and trimming on our lives doesn’t feel good, but it is necessary to produce the greatest fruitfulness from our lives.

In the abiding, pruning process, we are blessed to have the opportunity to stay in constant contact with God through prayer. God is present with you and listens and communicates.

“Lord, we need a power surge from you. Empower us to develop the character, holy lifestyle, and attitudes and behaviors that are pleasing in your sight. Amen.”

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