One Month to Live Challenge

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Hi Everyone! Sorry that this isn’t a more personal email… but I wanted to share this with you guys. We are taking a challenge at church called One month to Live…. basically what would YOU do if you had one month to live…… and I wanted to share a picture with you all of one of the ways I am living out this challenge… it’s so much fun and so very exciting…. Anyhow, I went on a camping/fishing trip with my husband and a few people he works with… it was AWESOME!!!! I caught my very first King Salmon…. the only one in our group…. I woke up to a grizzly and her cubs in our area early in the morning and by our area I mean twenty feet away chasing other campers out of thier tents…….. I got a great tan…. and I loved every minute of it!!!! This is definetly something I would have probably passed on before…. but I jumped head first in this and found out that I LOVE fishing for SALMON!!! Who’d have guessed? Anyhow we left the kids for the whole weekend with my good friend, and spent two nights out on Talkeetna River…. no showers (except babywipes) no beds… just hard rock on the tent floor with sleeping bags… campfire, and smores hot dog on a stick…  and it was SO AWESOME!!!!!

tina's 1st king (6)

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