One Month to Live: Day 10

“If you only had one month to live, what would ask forgiveness for?  From whom?  Whom would you need to forgive?”  Kerry and Chris Shook ask these powerful questions in todays challenge reading.

Today we are exploring the depths of forgiveness.  Sometimes there are things deep in the soul that seem unforgivable.  No one could dive to that depth and bring forgiveness, at least so we think.  One day it dawns on us;  God’s love can dive to the depths of the soul and bring glorious forgiveness to even the most painful actions, memories, or intentions.

Bitterness is exceedingly detrimental to the soul.  Of all the diseases, it may be the most common and life destroying.  Only God knows how many of the human diseases are fueled by the blight of bitterness.  Without a doubt, forgiveness is beneficial for the body, soul, and spirit.

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