One Month to Live: Day Eight

Are you “Living Life Full Throttle?” The Shooks remind us, in today’s meditation, that many of us live as if we were in a motocross race, with a powerful bike, but we are………pushing the bike around the track. In the baptism in the Holy Spirit we have power beyond imagination.

Living life full throttle sets us up for some astounding crashes. Everyone, in life, has crashed a time or two. Some folks, when they crash, get up and go home. They yield to the crash and their high adventure career is over. Other people, experience a high side crash, survey the cause and damage and set themselves out to immediately get back in the race.

Crash sites are often places of denial. Sometimes we join Peter in denying Jesus. At first glance, this seems the wise thing to do. Upon a more serious evaluation we realize that living life full throttle requires that we hold firmly to faith in Jesus while denying ourselves.

Apparently we have only two choices; 1. Deny Jesus. or 2. Deny ourselves.

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