#ORANGE21 – Milad Makeen Zaky (#21ORANGE)

Today I begin 21 days of identifying with the Egyptian martyrs who died for their witness of Jesus in Libya.  Seeing these men in their orange jump suits stirred within me a desire to declare to my world, “They are not alone.  I stand with them!”  I will be wearing my #ORANGE21 shirt for the next three weeks as an open declaration of solidarity.  In addition to wearing orange, I will be in prayer for everyone impacted by these martyrs.

MARCH 13TH copyIn Honor, Respect and Gratitude for Milad Makeen Zaky

Almighty God, Milad Makeen Zaky followed in the footsteps of Jesus, the Apostles, and the martyrs of the past 2,000 years by victoriously staying faithful even in the face of barbaric death.  I pray not for him today but for those of us still living in the face of wickedness.

Milad’s overcoming faithfulness to Christ confronts my soul and demands an explanation of any hidden area  of faithlessness in me.  Milad has become a mirror.  When I look at him, I can see deeply into me.

Grant to me a pure, undefiled, holy, and enduring faithfulness.  Banish cowardice and timidity from my heart.

Comfort all who mourn today.

May I find strength in Milad Makeen Zaky’s last words which were a last act of defiance against evil and last act of  Faith, Hope and Love: “Ya Rabbi Yasou,” or “My Lord Jesus.”



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