Ordinary Days

Here’s to celebrating life’s ordinary days. An ordinary day is one with no special or distinctive features…and that is why I am celebrating.

Our culture is addicted to super high highs and deeply dark lows. Advertising knows of this cultural weakness and makes a strong pitch to show the extraordinary in their product. Pastors fall into this trap by saying, “This next event will totally rock your world.” Hollywood? They are the masters of placing all of the highs and lows of an entire life on the big screen in only one hundred minutes.

There is something settling about an ordinary day. On ordinary days I remember that I am planted in the soil of a family lineage, with my wife and children, in our local church, with a network of friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Ordinary days allow me to celebrate our planted-ness.

I am also rooted. While everyone is planted, not everyone is rooted so on ordinary days I reflect upon the value of a root system that stabilizes, strengthens, and supplies me with nourishment. If I am not mindful, I only recall that which is above ground, visible, and tangible. Ordinary days help me hold the intangibles.

My good friend, Jonathan Gainsbrugh, often says, “Root-full-ness before fruitfulness.”

I am not sure how it happens, but it always does. One is planted and rooted and then an exponential fruitfulness develops. The fruitfulness of your life owes it’s genesis and sustenance to all of the ordinary days you have lived.

Pull out the party favors and celebrate another ordinary day.

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