Ordo: The MCA Weekend Experience – Celebration

“We want to meet with you, Lord!” The MCA Worship Community hungers and thirsts for the presence and glory of God in our lives. Just like the Ark of the Covenant carried the glory of God, we long to carry his glory too.

Our weekend service order (Ordo) is intentionally designed from our understanding of the Bible’s teaching on how to meet with God. I sometimes wish we were named Muldoon Community Tabernacle. The Tabernacle was the place where God and Moses met, in fact it was called The Tent of Meeting.

May the MCA Weekend Experience be our personal Tent of Meeting. Following are the notes from my November 3, 2013 message.


The Bible opens with two keys to life without God’s order: 1. Without form. 2. Void. We discover in life that the greater God’s influence, the greater the order.

The Holy Spirit brings order and substance out of things that are without form and void.

Our current teaching series is intended to support the fact that one’s weekend worship experience is vital in replacing the “without form and void” parts of our lives with an ordered substance from the Holy Spirit.

MCA Church’s weekend service collage presents a powerful ordered-ness in which you can rest, refresh, and rebuild.

Today’s teaching, “Ordo: The MCA Weekend Experience,” reminds us that God is glorious and grand beyond human comprehension (Exodus 15:11, 12) and He has revealed some of the ways in which He likes to be approached.

The MCA Weekend Experience is intentionally and purposefully designed to lead into a consecrated experience between you and God.

We begin each MCA weekend experience, on our way into a consecrated meeting with God, by joining together in celebration.

Psalm 100 reminds us that…
• The Lord is good
• His steadfast love endures forever
• His faithfulness endures to all generations

Therefore, we are given instruction on how to approach Him.
• Come into his presence with singing
• Enter his gates with thanksgiving
• Enter his courts with praise

Further Scriptural guidance on approaching God
• Clap, shout with loud songs of joy. Psalm 47:1
• Sing to the Lord a new song, and his praise… Isaiah 42:10

1. How fully engaged are you when our church is called to celebration?
2. How comfortable are you with approaching God the way He likes to be approached? Singing? Thanksgiving? Praise? Clapping? Shouting? New Songs?

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