Our best for our youngest!

Today I became aware that our youngest worshipers did not have their service recently.  Our nursery was not open for ministry this past Wednesday evening and Sunday morning.  BUMMER!  Please accept my total apology and sincerest regrets that our most prized worshipers did not have their service.

Our Director of Student Ministries is on leave and our marvelous Nursery Director was lacking in volunteers for these services.  We will give our best word that this inconvenience will be immediately corrected.  Our Nursery Director will be aided this week by both Tracy and Mark to assure that our youngest members receive our best care.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this lapse in ministry may have caused.  We apologize and we will have great ministry for your children immediately.

When you see Michele, our Nursery Director, please give her a hearty thank you for all the wonderful work, ministry, and love she provides for our children.  Michele, you are fantastic!

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