Our LIFE Group is Launched

The Redfearn family has welcomed summer by launching our second annual LIFE Group.  Hula Hoops, Basketball, Football, and avoiding the Momma Moose with the two calves, was the fun of the evening.  The food options included tons of desserts and grilled cheese sandwiches grilled over the briquets in the grill.  YUM rings a bell (except for the few i totally burned).

Joelle, with a memory like an aardvark (or is it elephant?), reminded us that “we had smore’s every LIFE Group last year, even the first one.”  So, off to the store J-man went to buy smore’s ingredients.  Once there he totally forgot his mission, but he did return with Marshmallows.  Joelle was not totally happy, but found the Marshmallows to bring a smile to her countenance.

Getting to know each other outside of the church building, digging deeper into  the weekend talk, and praying for each other,is a fresh deal.  I loved it.

Every Friday evening, this summer, we will be cranking up the fire pit and talking good talks.  Come on over.

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